Business Communication Standards Organization

 – Azure Hackfest Training Client Story –

This Business Communications Standards Organization utilized a hackfest training to create cloud-based web applications and an enterprise cloud environment.


This organization is responsible for helping businesses identify assets, shipments, and physical locations throughout their global supply chain via barcodes. They needed to educate their staff on Microsoft Azure and its full suite of services. This included everything from tools, and architecture, to development best practices.



This organization was able to leverage an on-site training hackfest to develop a cloud-based application on Azure and efficiently and effectively move their existing infrastructure from an on-prem environment to Azure.

By evaluating their priorities and using APIs from other applications, with minimal changes, data consistently improved across the platform. After three days, our partnership provided the client with modern applications and created multiple Azure App Services that then enabled their customers to utilize a self-service UPC buying experience.


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