Advancing Connecticut’s Data-to-Care program to stop the spread of HIV


HANK (HIV-AIDS Networked Knowledgebase) is an initiative of the groundbreaking Data-to-Care surveillance program from Connecticut’s Department of Public Health. Hank utilizes annual data from over 70,000 lab reports to identify and provide public health intervention to HIV positive individuals. Streamlining Data-to-Care’s aggregation process with a custom software solution has resulted in a sustainable and consistent program workflow with the ability to prevent future transmission of HIV.


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Reduction in Data Error.
Decrease In duplicate data entries
  • In 2020, HANK enabled a 50% decrease in duplicate data entry, leading to an overall 75% decrease in data entry error.
  • After finding multiple deficiencies in the original program workflow, Tallan helped create a viable program infrastructure that produced clearer results delivered with increased consistency.
Increased Productivity.
Identification of events
  • With a 50% reduction in staff hours required to conduct HIV record searches and matching, the time to identify Data-to-Care target events was reduced from quarterly to daily.
  • The time to generate, match, and process an “Out-of-Care” list was also reduced from 2 months to 0 days, aiding staff who were already operating at capacity.
Time is Crucial.
25% Improvement
Detecting HIV cases
  • Through the reduction in errors and increase in consistency, the program has yielded a 25% improvement in the detection of acute HIV cases.
  • The timeliness of HIV-related laboratory report processing is critical to identify Data-to-Care events in time to plan interventions that could prevent forward transmission of HIV.
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