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The District of Columbia Water and Sewer Authority (DC Water) is responsible for the processing and maintenance of the city’s water supply for over 700,000 residents and nearly 20 million annual visitors. Tallan, in partnership with an incredibly forward thinking leadership team at DC Water, worked together on phased initiatives to analyze data and report on water quality and large meter monitoring, as well as water main break prediction while delivering an enterprise-scale Modern Data Estate.


Municipal Utility Organization

Annual Revenue

$684.5 Million

Company Size



Data and Analytics, Cloud

Prioritizing Clean Water Operations.
99 Million
Gallons Delivered Every Day
Delivery and maintenance of clean water for nearly 20 million people annually.

Analysis and reports created and delivered based on water quality data like pH, chlorine, and temperature.

Real-time forecasting for employees and individual pump stations.

Consumption Monitoring & Analytics.
200,000 Meter Reads
Every Hour, Every Day
  • Automated monitoring using historical data and daily sensor readings can recognize anomalies in both public water consumption and reporting.
  • Small meters are read hourly, large meters are read every 15 minutes.
  • Identifying the cause of a 1% of water loss could account for a potential revenue increase of about $4-5M.
Optimize Your Assets.
Water Main Breaks
  • Utilizing Machine Learning for predictive analytics can help you stop water main breaks before they occur potentially saving hundreds of thousands of dollars in repairs while reducing service interruption and customer complaints.
  • This enterprise-scale data estate is an all-inclusive solution that will support additional business needs in the future, such as billing and customer service data.
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