– Business Intelligence Solution Client Story –

“Moran Towing had worked with Tallan before on a different initiative, so we knew they had the resources and the deep knowledge we needed to build a strong foundation. We have since implemented the recommendations of the roadmap with Tallan. Our Finance and Operations users can now access accurate information and they benefit from dramatically improved performance. Retrieving data used to take hours, now it’s down to a matter of seconds.”

- Joe Baviello, Director of Information Systems
Moran Towing Corporation


To accommodate their rapidly growing business, Moran Towing knew they needed a business intelligence solution to more effectively run their operations. Their existing business intelligence systems were costly and time consuming, keeping much of their IT staff tied up with maintenance and report generation.


Tallan proposed a BI requirements analysis to assess the state of the systems and business processes at Moran, resulting in a roadmap for the implementation of a BI solution.

Tallan technologists interviewed key business and technical stakeholders across the company including sales, operations, finance, human resources and safety. These interviews were designed to better understand the analytical needs of each group and identify where the current systems exceled or needed improvement.

Tallan delivered the analysis with a roadmap that prioritized the requirements and key benefits of the solution, which Moran approved and worked with Tallan to implement.


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