Supporting State Workforce Evolution with a Modern Data Platform


This State Employment Security Department was in need of a data modernization strategy to support the administration of workforce solutions in order to support economic resilience, like the management of unemployment claims. Tallan delivered a six-week DPi30 engagement to help unify disparate data sources, aggregate data, and achieve better analytics through improved reporting performance. Previously, one weekly SFTP processes took 24 hours to download, 2 hours to unencrypt, one more hour to duplicate, and finally 90 minutes to restore. Not anymore!


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DPi 30, Data & AI

30+ Years of Data in 30 Days.
Modern Data
for a More Efficient Workplace
  • Tallan assessed the current data estate to establish the best way to address the scenarios identified within the DPi30 parameters
  • Two SQL Server data sources were combined into a dimensional model and fed into an Azure Data Lake and Synapse Data Warehouse, and ultimately Power BI reports to allow analysis and reporting against the new platform for data points like wage information by time, date and employer.
Clearer Analytics Drive Results.
Over 24 Hours
For one process, not anymore!
  • The new Azure environment streamlines and de-duplicates data from the legacy Employment Database and the current database to support enhanced reporting. For context, 2 of the largest databases included unemployment claim and tax data.  Both had duplicate copies, and more than 2TB of data. Not including the backups and restores.
  • Best practices were reviewed with the customer throughout the engagement to ensure a smooth transition to the team once the foundation of the platform was launched.
Primed for Growth.
With a Cloud
Based Platform
  • Labor Market Analysts can now leverage Power BI reports for analytics on industry trends and benchmarks and compare them to their state market.
  • In the end, our team pulled 30+ years’ worth of data from the legacy system and databases into a modern data platform. Tallan also presented Azure cost consumption estimates so that the customer could make considerations in comparison with their budget to make better informed financial decisions.  
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