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With agile projects it can be tempting to jump right in and start working as a team to delivery value.  Conversely, waterfall project dictate that you spend months of planning and requirements definition to design the project to completion.  While both approaches have their merits, we believe in the value of delivering working code early and often and taking an iterative approach. Rather than just jump right in, we’ve found over the years that, to be successful you need some initial interaction as well as architectural designs.  Our Web Application Envisioning does just that.

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Our Envisioning begins with research and discovery where we understand what you are trying to build.  With that knowledge we being mapping out the experience using a series of user stories call story mapping.  These user stories form the product backlog.  Once established we focus on design and technical architecture.  The design portion focuses on the most important features and also defines a visual style to be applied through the development process.  Future designs will be completed on-demand prior to the sprint as noted as part of our Agile Team Sprint.  While design is underway the technical team works on defining and verifying a system architecture.  Finally, armed with a backlog, designs, and an architecture the team can provide initial estimates and story points for the project to help understand the number of sprints it could take to see a minimal viable products (MVP) deployed.


Research and Discovery

Storymapping Workshop

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Technical Review Sessions


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Product UX Designs

Technical Architecture

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