The industries in which we work benefit from our specific agile processes and extensive technological expertise.

Equipping financial service providers for success

To gain more value from their investment in innovation, Tallan collaborates with financial and insurance leaders to develop and introduce new business models as well as identify and monetize new revenue streams.

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Mortgage Lending Technology

Tallan’s solutions enable lenders to improve in key areas where technology can make a big difference.

Government Systems

Innovative solutions for modern government systems

Tallan demonstrates deep technical and project management expertise, but what sets them apart from other consultancies is their dedication to being a partner with their clients. Tallan has consistently supported us in our technical efforts while providing extra value through workshops, technology alerts, and acting as an advisor on challenges (even when outside scope of a specific project).

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Legislative Management Suite

Tallan’s industry-leading solution is built on the enterprise Microsoft technologies that your IT organization already supports, including Windows, Office, Active Directory, SQL Server, and .NET.

Expanding the capabilities of utility and energy providers

Through the use of innovative Microsoft technology solutions, Tallan helps global utility and energy companies optimize their operations, streamline services across regions, and drive new business from water, to oil and gas, to electric and renewable resources around the world.

Utilities & Energy
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Modern Data Solutions for Utility Companies

Tallan’s cloud and data teams have been working in the utility industry since interconnectivity became a ‘want’ let alone a mainstream need.

From internal system automation and migrations, to public facing application development to grow customer satisfaction and revenue generation, our teams can tell stories about the lessons we’ve learned, so you don’t have to.

IT solutions for the insurance industry

Insurance companies seek solutions to new challenges and old challenges alike. Fragmented data, demanding customers needing information in real time, and inefficient processes are common in the industry; yet solutions are still unique for each company.

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Health Plan Consulting

We understand the challenges healthcare organizations face managing EDI. Plans face complex administrative challenges and tremendous regulatory pressure. Payers manage funding gaps and advance the care of members within a constantly changing ecosystem of operating rules, standards and requirements.

At the center, many plans manage a hybrid collection of custom applications and third-party solutions. Experienced healthcare consultants can bridge technical and subject matter gaps to optimize your existing investments and improve operational performance.

Optimizing healthcare solutions that support big data and large scale transactions

Tallan builds solutions that optimize healthcare transaction processing and data management. Through numerous engagements Tallan has incubated a product dedicated to EDI Solutions, built on Microsoft technology.

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Transforming the manufacturing industry through innovation

Equipped with in-depth knowledge based on experience, Tallan works with its manufacturing customer base to amplify value by transforming and scaling their businesses to optimize operations, increase efficiency and align with market opportunities through innovative, cutting-edge solutions built on Microsoft technologies.

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Accelerating innovation for the manufacturing industry

Our teams continue to elevate our customers’ business through engagements that begin with a robust assessment to ensure that alignment and adoption comes as a benefit, and not a cost.

Bringing efficiencies to logistic companies

Utilizing  data analysis, Tallan works with its Logistic clients to assess current system and business processes to assemble a roadmap of implementation for performance and process improvement.

“Retrieving data used to take hours, now it’s down to a matter of seconds.”
Joe Baviello, Director of Information Systems
Moran Towing Corporation

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Connecting brands and consumers using AI

Conversational artificial intelligence-powered solutions empower brands to engage with consumers in more effective ways than ever before.

Valassis Healthcare Chatbot
Consumer Goods
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Chatbots can interact with consumers all day, every day

Let Tallan introduce Chatbot technology from Microsoft, Amazon, Google, or IBM to your business.  Using channels such as Facebook Messenger, SMS, Slack, Alexa, Cortana, Siri, or even your own custom window, we can create Chatbots to broaden your reach to customers and strengthen your relationship with them. Chatbots provide a new channel for engagement, especially in the mobile-centric world that we live in today.

Revlon Chatbot

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