Tallan’s Azure Foundations Assessment

The Value of an 
Azure Foundations Assessment

The Azure Foundations Assessment helps companies plan their move to the cloud with confidence. This engagement audits your current environment and infrastructure, while keeping in mind your business goals so the migration roadmap Tallan delivers suits your specific needs.

Tallan will provide broad datacenter analysis, identifying and prioritizing Azure migration candidates complete with cloud-consumption cost estimates, real-time performance data, a cloud readiness report, and recommendations for Governance.

Timeline Estimate: 1 Week

What to Expect

Data Platform Modernization

Tallan will facilitate future planning with detailed performance reporting, virtualization architecture, and support timelines to orchestrate end-of-life transitions and product innovation.

Microsoft Azure Readiness

We will provide an executive data summary on server and application performance to support a detailed cloud strategy, Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), and Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF) Governance analysis.

Final Roadmap Delivery

As a final deliverable, Tallan presents the data we discovered and recommend the best path to migrate. Cost estimates are always included, so you can consider what’s best for your budget.

Chats with Key Players

Part of the Tallan process is partnership. Understanding the ‘why,’ and ensuring goal alignment before we dive into anything, is paramount to the success of any engagement.

You Win, We Win

Education and knowledge share about Tallan tools, strategy, and process are integral to a meaningful endeavor. Each and every project we take on, follows the same partner-model.

The Tallan Process

The Tallan process is aligned completely with Microsoft’s Cloud Adoption Framework. We understand that a failure to plan, is a plan for failure! The first, most important part of any project, is to audit and understand your ‘as is’ architecture.

That way, you know exactly what you are working with, so identifying where you want ‘to be’ is based on data and not assumptions. The Azure Foundations Assessment, is an engagement that may be eligible for Microsoft funding, to get the data you need to make decisions for your plans.

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