Tallan’s DPi30

 Pilot a working modern data platform in just one month.

a modern data platform in 30 days

A modern data platform will unify your data sources, and streamline and enhance your reporting and analytics initiatives! In just 30 days, your team will receive a hands-on consultative engagement including architecture design recommendations for your data estate in Azure and a working an ADS environment.

We have specific engagements that Microsoft can fund for both the public and private sector!

What to Expect

Chats with Key Players

Part of the Tallan process is partnership. Understanding the ‘why,’ and ensuring goal alignment before we dive into anything, is paramount to success.

Pilot Platform Analysis

During a collaborative workshop Tallan experts create awareness and identify the opportunities a modern data platform will provide utilizing Azure Services.

Phased Modernization

Identify up to three (3) scenarios that can be modernized in your current data environment. In addition to leveraging Azure Data Services, we’ll help choose the appropriate automation tooling for your needs.

Live Landing Zone

Tallan will  architect and deploy a landing zone in Azure to help you set a blueprint enabling the use of (Hybrid) Azure Data & Analytics cloud services. This engagement brings to life the role a modern data and analytics platform will play in your future.

Education and Transition

Education about Tallan tools, strategy, and process are integral!  This ensures that post-pilot, your next-step options are more meaningful.  Each and every project we take on, follows the same model.

Delivery & Executive Summary 

On top of the working data platform, Tallan presents an Executive Summary. Cost estimates are always included, so you can consider how our suggested next steps can fit into your budget.

Timeline Estimate: 4 Weeks

The Tallan Process

The Tallan process is aligned completely with Microsoft’s Cloud Adoption Framework. We understand that a failure to plan, is a plan for failure! The first, most important part of any project, is to audit and understand your ‘as is’ architecture.

That way, you know exactly what you are working with, so identifying where you want ‘to be’ is based on (no surprise here) data and not assumptions. DPi30, is an engagement that may be eligible for Microsoft funding, to get the data architecture you need to make the right decisions for the future of your business.

Where We’ve Done This

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